April 5, 2020

Going by the operating Communications Act, it is the Nigerian Communications Commision, NCC, that issues LICENSES. It is out of place for the Ministry of Communications & Digital Economy to issue a statement denying issuance of licenses when it does not issue any.

NCC should be seen to be on top of its mandate if it responds FORMALLY to the public on issues of LICENSING. The current procedure may paint the picture of a destabilised industry if not checked.

It is not too late for NCC to issue a statement even if to confirm what the Ministry has said.

The Commission should also pronounce on the SPECTRUM vis-a-vis HEALTH CONCERNS without waiting for any other body to take the initiative at these worrying times.

A stitch in time saves nine.


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  • From all practical implications, today’s Weep not for NCC as it has willingly relinquished its responsibilities to the overbearing Minister all in the quest for an opaque second term for its CEO. I goes without saying that all that is happening to NCC in recent times arises from a dearth of strong character, integrity and courage by its menders, and unless something drastic is done urgently, the regulatory function may soon become a department in the supervising ministry; God forbid!


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