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Let’s Xray the art of “‘dabaru-ing’ the whole place”

June 7, 2018

‘A.Y’ (a.k.a. ayo akinnibosun) may not really be a brilliant chap in the manner kingpin armed robbers are known to be. With an NCE and a B.Ed both of which might have been earned via Omo Baba Oloye’s phone call to appropriate persons within the education system, it will not matter if we say the thug turned armed robber is a dunce.

Listen once again to his interview (“where we can’t win, we dabaru elections there”) and reach your own conclusions.

What really bothers me is how a boy who was born with silver spoon, ending up with an MB.; BS. (regardless that it was not visioned to end in a surgery theatre by the visioner) could find it convenient to use other peoples’ children as thugs is difficult to understand.

‘AY’ has many cars, two of which were mentioned in the story, dashed to him by the career criminal (not me, it is Pius Adesanmi who gave AY’s boss that description) and yet they did not mind to waste 33 souls in their mad ambition to get rich more quickly than Omo baba oloye planned for them. That conforms even with the notorious ambition of the career criminal himself to rule Nigeria.

And some guys were quick to ask us if the robbers’ acclaimed boss ‘sent them to go and rob’?. Or ask us the question ‘has he been proved guilty?’

I dont really mind if those arguments come from the barajes of this world but I read one written by a wretched journalist whose career has since been staunted by the kind of politics that ruled us for almost two decades.

The bitter truth is that ‘AY’ became an underdog essentially because two big men in the polity were at loggerhead. In fact no one should be surprised to see ‘AY’ let off the hook if the two men make up their differences in the next weeks to come.

That is the pitiful psychology behind the phraseology known as “dabaru the whole place”.

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One thought on "Let’s Xray the art of “‘dabaru-ing’ the whole place”"

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