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LIMIT & LIMITATION OF PLAYING GOD (A video story of ‘Enough Is Enough’)

February 26, 2019

I am told Mr. Bukola Saraki, former medical doctor, and incumbent Senate President of my country, did not win any of his two elections: his bid to return to Senate, and his assignment to assert a Presidential aspirant at his home base. True/False?

I have just reconnected to Internet since I stepped out of home on February 23 immediately after casting my vote in Ijebu-Ode. I feared an early reconnection to Internet might open me to wild election result forecasts and outright misinformation in the form of fake news. Three days after I switched off, it is now clear the most useful resource to my existence is the Internet. I cannot stay out of it further, so I connected a few minutes ago. What a time to pay tribute to Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf, founding fathers of the TCP/IP, the Internet Protocol.

And the ‘news’, both authentic and fake, have befuddled my entire mentality.
The one that sounds most believable in the pack is this bit that Mr. Bukola Saraki has finally hit his waterloo. It is like the people of Kwara have finally pressed home their ‘O To Ge e’ slogan, a poetic translation of ‘Enough is Enough’.

The accompanying video clip is said to be an amateur’s record of what happened in Ilorin, capital of Kwara state and home of the rusting saraki dynasty on the day of election as Bukola scampered out of town after getting a feel of election results.

The video captures a fall from where Olusola, the supremo of old Kwara politics hung the name, to where Bukola, the superman of the ‘Saraki-Ibori-Odili’ triumvirate, has now dumped it.

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