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August 10, 2020

Somebody1 said somebody2 (now deceased) used the maneuvres of law and politics to escape facing justice over crimes he committed both at home and overseas.

Many people do not know the crimes Somebody2 committed at home but Somebody1 knows those he committed overseas.

Somebody1 ended up asking God to admit somebody2 into Aljannah where, we are told, is reserved for the righteous.

That prayer appears like questioning God’s omnipetence as if to say God relies on our wishes and desires to take His decision on our placements when we eventually reach there.

Those who believe this prayer are those who have shown absolutely no capacity to having a solution to criminality. Those who do not believe it have since solved the problem substantially to make life better for all.

Can we, for God’s sake, please keep quiet when people die rather than make funny demands of Him? Or is our interest in replicating our clime when we get to the other side?

Yes, hypocrisy is has no rootop but it sure has a limit.

And if we may ask: maneuvers of what and what were used to make the guys who assassinated a sitting Attorney General of the Federation escape justice? Of POWER and IMPUNITY?


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