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Magu. I mean IBRAHIM MAGU. Still AROUND. Yes

November 8, 2019

About a year ago, I was under watch. And I knew it.

Brian, American, and my friend of more than ten years was all over the place charting when I would step on American soil. But that year it was to Winnipeg, Canada, I headed. After confirming my arrival, Brian took a flight all the way from New York.

He came asking questions he could ask, but never asked, on telephone. I knew he wanted to be looking into my eyes, to read my mood as I answered.

“Tell me about how far with this your man, ……. (PMB)”
I did not answer
“Titi, you probably know that you are about the most believable Nigerian I know”
I did not answer.
“So I can conclude that you are disappointed”
I did not answer.
“Ok now Titi, tell me the man’s achievements and if………”

“Look Brian, solving a problem is different from fighting a problem. And fighting a problem is only a part of fighting a system. The sytem here is not American. It is Nigerian” I was feigning anger.

Brian had followed my blogposts which suddenly changed focus, after 14 years of regular posts, from investment advocacy to narrow non-partisan political advocacy.

Brian was right in reading disappointment in my mood. But not for the reasons he imagined, and I was not about to change style.

That period was when PBM was tossing Mr. Ibrahim Magu’s name with Bukola Saraki’s Senate and I had expressed pessimism and possible outrage should PMB bend to the antics of those folks at the 7th Senate by submitting another name.

Brian went on pressing….
“I remember you getting angered by the man’s methods”
“You are wrong Brian. You probably think I’m weighed down with disobedience to law, hogwash talks, cynical appointments, etc. No. I once told you in a correspondence that when it comes to fighting a system you do not use due process. You use the necessary process”

Brian was happier at the emergence of a clue.

I changed the topic.
“Brian let’s do lunch”
And that ended the discussion.

Shortly after, Mr. Azu Ishiekwene wrote “Is Magu Nigeria’s Most Dangerous Man?”
And yesterday, another year after, he wrote “Magu, Still Nigeria’s Most Dangerous Man”

Read him


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