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MORE….. and beyond GENEVIEVE

January 20, 2019

Since I posted ‘Lets Celebrate GENEVIEVE‘ which was a call to commendation of indigenous Nigerian attainments, an Assistant of mine has furnished an illuminating list of recent exciting attainments of Nigerians at home and abroad.

One stands out. It is Dr Dayo Olukoshi whose high points I mentioned in a blogpost mid-2018.

Dr Olukoshi is the Principal of
Brampton Manor Academy School in East London, the school that produced the best A’level results in 2018 with 100 of the Sixth form Students obtaining all A’s and gaining admissions to Top Rusell Group Universities : Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, ImperialCollege, UCL, Kings College, St Andrews , Warwick, and Bristol Universities.

What makes this big news is the fact that this is a State School and not the typical fee paying private School and more significantly that THE PRINCIPAL Dr Dayo Olukoshi is a NIGERIAN.

What else can I tell you?

Hear Dr Olukoshi speak in an interview with theinterview magazine at the time:

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One thought on "MORE….. and beyond GENEVIEVE"

  • It’s heartwarming to hear, read & see Nigerians perform excellently all over the world & the ratio is growing by the day. I just honestly hope the world will have a paradigm shift about who truly we are, rather than just a community of criminals & dumb heads. Kudos Dr. Olukoshi.


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