July 16, 2017

I don’t know about you. I have just enjoyed 30 minutes of television LIVE coverage of a session of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Going by the quality of minds, points of argument, use of language and parliamentary decorum (I once watched the Canadian Parliament in session for one full day) in that Parliament, my conclusion is that the Lagos State House of Assembly is in all ways superior to the rating of the Senate of the Federal Republic.

Specifically on motion was a recent comment of one Senator Goje who had said, derisively, that Mr Tunde Fashola, Minister for Works, Energy & Housing, should know that his present assignment is not the same as working with Lagos State House of Assembly. This, Goje had to resort to, apparently because he cannot march Mr Tunde Fashola intellectually.

The distinguished Honourables here decently took Mr Goje to where he belongs – cleaners, and passed a motion that the House cautions the Senate, through a letter, on parliamentary misbehaviour.

A Senate where ‘Ajekun-iya-ni-o-je’ is their star, where two members regularly sleep in session, fifteen say ‘yeah’, seven say ‘nay’, fifteen are mere observers who contribute nothing and almost 60 are, on a good day, absent.

109 pieces of burden (apology to a few of them) that add no value to our lives. Liabilities who are preoccupied with their selfishpursuits and jostling over positions and perks at the expense of effective lawmaking. And these are the same people who want their capone to rule Nigeria as President.

Have we ever loathed a Senate this much?

This is not the Senate of my dream.

I don’t know about you.

From the Observatory
Abuja, Nigeria
July 16, 2017.
(Open broadcast )

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