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February 20, 2018

Somebody has insisted I must have a say on this. My argument that I am NOT CURRENT could not bail me out as he argued, quite correctly, that the matter is not about currency but about what development is and what it is not.
Yes MY TAKES: CPN registers (licenses) those who PRACTICE IT and REGULATES their training and competence to practice. The emphasis is on IT PRACTITIONERS (COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS if you like). It REGISTERS them and REGULATES their COMPETENCE to PRACTICE. It DOES NOT regulate BUSINESS OF IT. No, it does not. It CANNOT.
And the matter of NITDA registering (licensing) companies that do IT business with Federal Government of Nigeria. Perfect I suppose. FG owns NITDA as coordinator of its IT WORKS AND SERVICES. So it is perfect that it registers those who do IT works for Federal Government. What’s the fuss about that? That is what it is set up to do. And also to REGULATE the industry subsector.
Let’s get our definitions right on License, Register and Regulate (and WHO) and we shall draw the lines except where we are genuinely ignorant or just playing plain mischief. Besides, these issues can be resolved in meetings, dialogues and conferences without resorting to what somebody says is ‘big war coming’. Why should there be if we truly want to develop?
I caution against trying to be legalistic. Of course if you invite two brilliant lawyers to argue each side of what you set as divide, they will show brilliance and end up your industry where you don’t want.

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