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December 25, 2018


Just as I was expecting campaign to start in January, I stumbled on a post on facebook and traced it to the wall of the author. It is titled

Gozicon Chigozirim Emeakayi
who says

1. We accused him of so many things he didn’t do but he ignored us and beat us hands down in the elections.
2. We instructed Boko Haram to choose him as their negotiator with the Government; he said he doesn’t know them.
3. We send them to kill him; he escaped unshaken.
4. We exhausted all the foreign reserve and federation account to disgrace him at the polls; he won the elections without spending any money.
5. We sent Orubebe to scatter the election results; Prof. Jega disgraced and silence him while the world was watching.
6. We handed over an empty treasury to him with the hope that he would not know where and how starts; he took his time to put things back to order.
7. We instructed our members to snatch the NASS from his party, they did but he ignored them and they are now frustrated and disorganized.
8. We poisoned and sent him to hospital in London hoping that his body would be returned for burial; he came back to life and stronger.
8. We arranged with petroleum importers and marketers to frustrate, cut supply and demand for subsidy payments; he removed the subsidy, stabilize supply, reorganized NNPC and now you don’t hear about them anymore.
9. We asked the western leaders to sideline him; they invited him one after the other to their countries and now queuing to visit him at home and have audience with him.
10. We begged some retired generals to gang up against him; thay are now fighting for their own survival.
11. We sought Boko boys will frustrate him by abducting more girls; but they lost all the territories they occupied before, released their victims and now begging him for negotiations.
12. We sent Fayose, Wike, Saraki, Kwankwaso, Lamido, Tambuwal, Makarfi, Atiku and some religious leaders after him; they are now fighting each other instead of him.
13. We instigated kidnappers, cattle rustlers, farmers and herders conflicts, tribal and religious conflicts with the aim of nailing him; he silenced them all.
14. We have wasted our time planning how to remove him from power using blackmail, Camping, Decamping, Vote Buying and Media Blackmail but he seems to be waxing stronger & sttonger on daily basis.
Kai and everywhere is the shout of Sai Buhari!!!!!
This Buhari is assisted and protected by Almighty Jehovah
All meaningful and honest Nigerians must give their maximum support to make the best use of the Rare opportunity to shame the Enemies of our Dear Nation.”

At this time, I synch with this.

Yes, I do.

See you when campaigns start.

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