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Now I know. I am VALID.

September 2, 2019

For all my life, I have always known that many things are zig-zag and upside down in the community where I have lived longest.

In an environment where people do not care for the handicapped, they fall on themselves to help the strong.

Earlier this morning, I rolled my box into the check-in counter and here was this airline assistant asking me to allow him lift my box for me.

“No I can do that myself, thank you”.
He went on to offer to help me collect my boarding pass
“No my brother, I can do that also, thank you”.

Then a woman with knocked legs who was sweating, rolling her box, one step behind each lift of the box, appeared and I made to help her while ‘my friend’ walked away.

He returned later to also ask to assist me wheel my box to the departure. Then I blotted out
“Look my friend, I say I do not need all this. Am I an invalid?”
“No sir. You are valid sir”
Could anyone have suppressed a laughter in any language?

And I asked what makes me valid?
“The way I see you makes you valid sir”
I wrote this in the departure hall.

What of you? Are you VALID?

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