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March 25, 2019

News about him flashed a few years back with two important messages; that one: he was a person, a civilian academic, who planned, unsuccessfully, to overthrow Abacha, and two, that he is the brother of the unsung hero, late Victor Banjo, who Ojukwu had wasted at the outbreak of Nigeria’s internal war of the late sixties. His name, Prof Adesegun Banjo.

He just died and Adewale Adeoye who had long interviewed him does this story in Saharareporters.com.
Adewale’s concluding paragraph is:
“Unfortunately, when he returned to Nigeria in 2001, life and people became unkind to him, except the love and affection of his immediate family. He tried, but never got a good job. The government and politicians ignored him and treated him like a leper. His efforts to sustain his cancer treatment through medications did not succeed because of funds. He needed only 5 million naira to treat his kind of blood cancer which had a cure, but he could not raise a penny. But one thing is certain, Banjo, who was the immediate junior brother of the late Col Victor Banjo of the Biafra fame, is now totally free from the affliction of a society he tried so much to salvage but that never gave him recognition, not even a wreath after his last breath. His efforts, though aborted, also remain the most striking high-level radical collaborative political efforts between two arch rivals, Yoruba and the Igbo nation”.

And the story is

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One thought on "Now THE MAN HAS DIED. Very SAD."

  • Hnmm, so sad that he was wasted the same way many RESOURCEFUL men and women went !!! Oh NIGERIA !!! May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace with his creator, iJmn.


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