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May 23, 2018

In the absence of competent justification, one feels slightly worried whenever the Police parades criminals before TV cameras. What really is the motive? To exhibit hardwork (why should?); to publicly disgrace the suspects (No, it doesn’t); to teach humanity the unlimited possibilities of criminals’ designs (unuseful); or just to entertain (uncivilised entertainment!)?

A video clip on a so-called ‘professional hacker'(sic) is currently circulating.

Except a good reason is offered, it is hard to agree that the procedure makes good sense. How can a Police Commissioner ask a suspected fraudster to tell the public “how you did it(language protected)?”. To teach us how to commit crime? That’s apart from the panic that may be thrown into the entire financial system. Can we all think for a while and see if this exhibition should continue? Could the procedure even be legal?

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