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O ma de ga o!

August 28, 2019


“The House rejected the proposal on the buses, yet they went on to spend N45 billion on the project.

“Since we did not approve the contract expenditure is null and void, so the money should be refunded.

“The Accountant General of the State, Procurement Officer and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation must be called to speak on the matter” – Lagos legislators

Lagos Assembly begins probe of Ambode over N45 billion contract for buses – reports PremiunTimes

The TURNING Tables

Where is Akinwunmi?

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4 thoughts on "O ma de ga o!"

  • It reminds me of 1993 when I was adviser to my state governor. I had no official vehicles and when the governor asked, he was told there was no budget for new vehicles that year. In answer to another question he was told there were three vehicles out of which one could be repaired for my use, but they will cost three milliin naira that is an average of one million naira each. Then a brand new peguot at PAN was selling for three hundred and fifty thousand naira. That was nit my prpblem but you know what? One of the cars had no jack, one had no spare tire and one had no headlamp and they were all less than six months old. I did not even need a car, where i was quartered was less than 15m to my office, my friends were alway around to take me around, there was always a pool bus so, why was the car necessary? That is why some governors bypasses the socalled appropriation to misappropriate. I think that law or section od the constitution is overdue for ammendment/change.


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