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Of Pilfering, Greed, Avarice …..

September 9, 2017

“Women generally have finer qualities than men and they are given to being less corrupt. When, however, a woman gets corrupt, SHE BEATS ALL RECORDS…” – Mahatma Ghandi.


You probably have heard of one CECILIA, whose case was determined, or of one DIEZANI whose case is not yet determined.


“….Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke herself has been arrested even though she is yet to be tried in court. The proverbial mills of God that grind slowly, seem to, at last, be grinding well. She kept saying ‘when we come back’, says Mr Bassey. “She did not think that Jonathan would lose the elections. Maybe the opaque deals would have continued till now” All in:




From the Observatory

NY 11413

September 9, 2017.

(Limited Circulation)

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