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December 18, 2021

Mr Remi Babalolas letter of resignation from Chairmanship of FBN Holdings Plc reads as follows:

“I accepted the appointment as a non-executive director and chairman of the board of FBN Holdings PLC on April 30th 2021 as a national call to service, an opportunity to deploy my endowments to illuminate humanity.

“Since then, it has been a slug of hardwork, sacrifices and battles. Nonetheless, we were able to push through within the last few months to achieve the following corporate governance overhaul: Reinstated confidence in the brand; stalled value eroding, merge propositions; transferred registrars for transparency; introduced openness and due processes in all transactions; unveiled significant investors, as well as pushed for improved performance.

“However, with the rot, stench and corruption in the system, it has been well-nigh impossible for me to break; and upon deep reflection and partial to my personal values, I write to formally resign my appointment as a non-executive director and chairman of the board of directors of FBN Holidays PLC, effective immediately.

“This should allow ample time for the institutions’ shareholders to plan a smooth transaction through the next Annual General Meeting.

“I thank you for the opportunity to serve the bank and to contribute to the sustainability of the financial service sector of the Nigerian economy.”

December 17, 2021




Mr. Remi Babalola did 7 months. I did 16.

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