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OLOYE gets the Highest OYE of Engineering

September 12, 2019

As the Nigerian Academy of Engineering admits OLOYE Jonathan Adio Obafemi OLOPADE to its Fellowship.

It was a creamy gathering earlier today when the most accomplished among Nigerian senior engineers did lunch to admit one of their own into their team

Oloye Jonathan Adio-Obafemi Olopade’s trajectory is synonymous with starting things late, doing them big, and coming out of them in flying colours.

He had his first child at 45, ended up having 15, all of who he saw through University education.

For engineering, he started his practice at the age of 37, founded a formidable consultancy, ended as a manufacturer, went on to chair the Boards of several engineering companies and at 93, he is being admitted into the Academy of Engineering at an age which no one else has matched, let alone beaten, as an Inductee.

He is one of the remaining standing among the Titans of Engineering in Nigeria.

His engineering career started with G. Maunsell & Partners, South West London in 1963 after he studied structural engineering at Brighton Technical College, UK. He crossed over to Whessoe Engineering Limited, also in the UK as a Design and Sales Engineer. Whessoe, which made storage tanks and pipelines, posted him to Nigeria to work and he eventually returned to his former employers, G. Maunsell & Partners, when the civil war broke and Whessoe had to opt out of Nigeria.

He worked also for the Nigerian Railway Corporation and subsequently established his firm, International Engineering Consultants in 1968 and today at the age of 93, Oloye gets the highest honour engineering profession has to offer, Fellow, Academy of Engineering. He is a man who will still be around for some long while because he has predicted, convincingly with facts and projections, that he will live to see 120 years.

Oloye was once asked why he was given the sobriquet of “Mr. Integrity”.

He responded – “It is a summation of many things. Let your WORD be your BOND. In business, it pays to be honest with your business partners, associates, customers, and clients. I like that, and I have lived up to it”.

In business, he is into manufacturing health related products such as tissue papers, disposable syringes, hand towels and the likes.

He holds the titles of Otun Mayegun of Egba Land; Agba Akin of Owu Kingdom. and Aare Agba Akin of Ife Kingdom.

The most talked about of his titles is that he is ‘OBJ’s friend’.

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