March 10, 2018

At a time when the people he is talking to are busy making finishing touches to a grand plan to re-welcome one of their own who just returned from overseas jail-house, Patrick Okedinachi Utomi (popularly called Prof Pat Utomi) is using 1,665 words in written text to talk about despair, big crime, bad politics, and more, all in the context of Delta State.
He also talks of planning, mind-set change, civil service retooling; a passion for doing things well, ownership of the dream by ordinary Deltans and sacrificial commitment of politicians, beyond self, to the Common Good and his desire to serve if the people so approve.
He has keyed his roadmap into, among others, China’s Deng Tsao Ping’s view that ‘’we must create within the party an atmosphere of respect for knowledge and respect for trained personnel; the erroneous attitude of not respecting intellectuals must be opposed.”
For all his writing, will they read? Or better still, can they read? If they can and they will, and they eventually do read, we shall know soon. Just very soon.
To read Pat Utomi’s “Time to sacrifice all for the sake of our children” see

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