June 24, 2018

Information is all over town that President Olusegun Obasanjo is on breezy networking trips the latest of which was a closed-door meeting with Chief Ayo Adebanjo in Lagos, Saturday June 23.

From partial media coverage of the event, what can be put together from broadcast pronouncements of principal actors on all sides include :

That Afenifere is ready to work with minds that coincide with its own on the basis of ‘no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, but permanent interests (of Nigeria)’.
The objective for now is ‘to destroy iniquity and dictatorship. Simple’.
Afenifere has no candidate in mind yet for 2019 President’s office. They do not know yet who can do it, but they know who cannot do it.
President Obasanjo although was ‘done with politics’ when he tore his pdp membership card in 2014 is now back to the field ‘very much ready to be involved’.
What is clear in current manauvering is that the agenda for now is politicking, not yet nation building.

Good events to record for history, if you ask me.

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