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PROFILE: Edet James AMANA : Engineer : 80

December 11, 2018

It was a Yoruba Poet who, in describing the late Moshood Kashimawo Ologundudu Abiola in the superlatives, said when rich men choose to play the ‘game of handshaking’ only a few among them would draw out their hands to shake the subject matter’s hand. That was complete communication as any listener knew what the stuff of Abiola’s wealth was. And it was several years before Nigerians got to know the MKO identity.

In engineering and among Nigerian engineers, they know themselves. Only a few would draw out their hands to shake a few when the chips are down and the game is one of ‘handshaking’.

Many in that class however did not live to old age. In fact, it was Ayodele Awojobi I was profiling in year 1999 when I ran into the name of Edet James Amana because they both, being the earliest Nigerians, made outstanding grades, the former in post graduate work and the latter in first class of Bachelors in engineering of Imperial College, London.

The big boys in engineering are however now living into old age. And if you want a roll-call, go to the Nigerian Academy of Engineering where the average age is still higher than seventy. A few weeks ago, the children of Olawale Adeniji Ige rolled out the drums. Today the children of Edet James Amana are rolling out too.

I do not know about you but I will be there today to celebrate the iconic engineer at 80.

In 1972, Engr Dr Edet James Amana set up Amana Consulting Engineers. Over its first 15-year period, the firm handled the design and construction of projects valued at about $2bn. The engineering services division held services for A.W. Chesterton of Boston, and Hewlett Packard among the top names. In 1981 a joint venture was set up with Earth Technology Corporation of California for geotechnical and geophysical surveying and mapping. Another venture involving Israeli interests covered architectural planning. At its peak, the company employed 30 engineers, including 10 expatriates. From 1980, the group began to develop rubber farms and also established a rubber processing venture. The group is also involved in insurance brokerage and trading in supply for the oil industry. Investments were also made in banking, publishing and property.

Engr Edet Amana was a founding director of Citibank Nigeria Limited and served on the board of that bank from 1985 to 2010.

Today he is the chairman of Amana Group of Companies and he is EIGHTY YEARS old.

He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers; Fellow Nigerian Institute of Management; Fellow International Institute of Directors; Past President of the Association of Consulting Engineering in Nigeria, Fellow and Past President, Nigerian Academy of Engineering.

An Officer of the Order of the Niger; a Knight of John Wesley and recipient of Doctor of Science DSc (Honoris Causa) of University of Uyo.

At the Event today his biography “SOJOURN of PROVIDENCE, Sir Edet Amana @ 80”, and the Edet Amana Foundation will be launched.

Oga, Happy birthday sir.


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2 thoughts on "PROFILE: Edet James AMANA : Engineer : 80"

  • I shall be there. When I entered Imperial College Awojobi and Amana were two resonating names on the campus. Amana having made a First Class degree in Civil Engineering after two years leading the class to win all the prizes in Civil Engineering. The award of his degree was delayed by one year because he did not meet the three years residency rule of the University of London.
    I salute this brilliant Nigerian.

  • I willl always remember the role Dr Amana played in 1992/3 during the design of the 2nd Bridge Across River Niger at Onistsha. He was one of the best brains the NSE could mobilize to successfully carry out
    the design under the chairmanship of Prof. Oladapo and with Engr. Ette Etteh as the
    lead consultant. Twenty six years after, the design is just being constructed. Those
    were the days the Federal Government challenges the Nigerian engineers for
    national development. I congratulate Dr Amana as he turns 80 today. He is one of
    my iconic Nigerian engineers who have contributed immensely to national
    development. May you continue to enjoy the blessings of God in good health.


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