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March 3, 2018

The following story has been told so many times I am reluctant to use it. But the truth is that it is a better naration than the way I have put a similar personal experience in my memoire which is still in the works.

The title is mine but, as I already said, the naration is a copied work.


Recently I met a famous allopathy doctor on account of a medical article. The Doctor Is in his 70s and an ENT specialist.

It was astonishing to listen to one of his experiences which he shared. According to him, he woke up one morning with a problem. He had an urge to pass urine but for some reason he was unable to do.

At his age some people are faced with such similar problem to the extent that if they try two or three times they may succeed.

In this case, the Doctor has tried severally but same condition. His continuous efforts didn’t bear any result. Just then he realised he had a big problem in his hands.

Though he is a medical doctor, he is not totally immune to such physical problems as he is also made of the same flesh and blood like everyone.

With time, his lower abdomen became heavy and he was unable to sit or stand and was even suffering with the build up pressure.

Immediately he called up a known urologist on phone and explained his situation. The Urologist replied “I am at present in a hospital in the outskirts and I will be coming to a clinic in your area in another one and a half hour. Will you be able to withstand that long?” The ENT Doctor replied “I will try”.

At that instant the ENT Doctor received an incoming call which happenend to be from another allopathy doctor from his home town (Suseendharam).

With great difficulty the ENT doctor explained his situation to his childhood friend doctor. His friend echoed back “oh, your urine bladder is full and you are unable to pass urine. Don’t worry, do as I suggest, you will be able to pass urine”.

And he started giving the following instructions. “Stand up and jump vigorously …while jumping lift both your hands as though you are trying to pluck mangoes from the tree. Do this for 15 to 20 times”.

What, when the bladder is full he wants me to jump? Though a little being sceptical, the ENT doctor started trying it. What a relief within 5 to 6 time of jumping, the urine started passing. The ENT doctor was overjoyed and thankful to his childhood friend doctor for solving his problem with such simple solution.

Without the aforementioned simple solution, the much troubled ENT Doctor would otherwise have gone on admission in a hospital where they would have inserted a catheter to drain the bladder, apart from injections, anti-biotics etc which have resulted in settling a bill of over Rs 50,000. This is in addition to physical and mental stress for him and his near and dear ones.

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