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February 10, 2021


“Please kindly enlighten me on why in this day and age people still have to go and queue for things like National Identity and now APC membership registration – especially in the midst of a ravaging pandemic. Are our IT professionals having any say in these matters?”
Crowd at sim/nin registration centre in COVID-19 times


I wish I could explain it, my brother.
No, IT professionals could not have had an input in this kind of thing.

Although I try to always take the subject of my regular tweets and blogs away from everyday’ s problem of Nigeria in order to retain my sanity, I cannot but occasionally deal on those that fall within my ordinary sphere of influence.

The following (A – F) represent my takes on the subject you raised:


of Dec 22, 2020


of Dec 24, 2020

of Dec 27, 2020

The author of a text message to which this post links actually talks about the consequences of using unfit minds to play specific roles in political engineering of any society.

When he says “ *This is yet another concrete evidence of the wretched quality of thinking in government”* , he is talking of the totality of governance rating when those who hold public office are poor listeners.

We have been told, for example, that we got to this point of SIM/NIN saga because for most times “Chairman-NCC, EVC-NCC, DG-NITDA, DG-NIMC, ECTS/ECSM-NCC, Chairman ALTON, CEOs of MTN, Airtel, Ntel, Glo, Smile, and 9Moble are now used to meeting with their Minister only to receive instructions”.

That is what makes it possible that even in spite of the existence of quality minds in that park, the monologue model of the supposed dialogue takes no advantage of them.

Can you imagine that a living mind will contemplate prohibiting citizens’ right to their telephones if they fail to register for a NIN (national identity number). And to make it look like the problem at hand has grave national security consequences, the whole registration exercise must complete in two weeks? What! That is a definition in wretched thinking.

What the author of that text has said is simple, heavy, and true of the situation that Nigeria now finds itself.

Meanwhile, I have it on good authority that the coalition of Paradigm Initiative for Information Technology Development and Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative have been in Court shortly after the announcement of those wretched thoughts to seek appropriate declarations and injunctions.

See the full text at .. …

D. “UNFOUNDED FEARS” of Jan 7, 2021


All this bla bla bla simply means a climb down on the silly threat to disconnect our phones.

Indeed, our Days of the locust.

E. “Bo, WE are NOW a JOKE” of Jan 12, 2021

“On January 2, the government released a policy for the replacement of SIMs belonging to subscribers whose SIMs had been lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged. … ..”. PUNCH, January 12, 2021 reporting under the title _‘stakeholders worry over SIM replacement NIN registration policies’_

The first point to make is that a directive of government on issues like this is not a policy issue. To link SIM to NIN and the process of doing it is not policy.

These are occasional interventions that must be made to ensure things are made easy for telephone users or for smooth management of society.

Secondly, while policy matters are within the purview of the Ministry of Communications, interventions, which are regulatory issues, are by law, left for the regulator, (NCC), to manage. These are in the Act that establishes the regulator and they are very well known.

For starters, the Ministry is not equipped with the wherewithal (training, knowledge, logistics, rights, etc.) to manage interventions. Unfortunately our society has now been reduced to one in which we live in the days of the jackal where anything just happens and because our mumu is infinite, we are set to run heleton heleta (zebrudaya’s helter skelter 🤣🤣🤣) because somebody somewhere is thinking wretchedly. Thank God though, our youths are now lifting a finger.

Walahi, we are a joke. Very painful to say but better to be taken as a joke that has an end.

F. I had earlier predicted all these in my

of January 24, 2020

Titi Omo-Ettu.

“Good evening sir, I came across this on Instagram and I can’t imagine the level of policy summersaults as it’s been suggested here.”


It is all balderdash. Quote me.

For me, the unfortunate thing is that year 2023 is so far away. I never really expect anything better from that folk. It would have been magic if things are going better at these times.

Titi Omo-Ettu

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