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March 6, 2019


“QUOTE ME” was the title of my blog post of September 11, 2018. Kindly click to read that piece and return here to continue.

It is easy for us to forget that, but for those imposed on Lagos by the military, and the times when there was a rupture within the progressives’ rank in 1992, Lagosians (I mean the people who live in Lagos o!) have never voted a wrong governor.

This is because irrespective of tribe, Lagosians are cosmopolitan and progressive in their ways. The small bourgeoisie segment usually found in hi-brow areas of Ikoyi, Lagos Island (and now Lekki), has also been guided not by tribe, but by their capitalist bent, which shows in their voting history. A little bourgeoisie, a lot more progressive.

It was a chance meeting with Mr ‘Jide Sanwo-olu that gave me the opportunity for a lengthy chat with him sometime last August. One hour into our discussion, I had perceived the mind of a young man who is not only brilliant but also is an astute manager. So I went on to ask for his background and profile, and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

About three weeks after our chat, I read in the papers that a Babajide Sanwo-olu was on the cards for Lagos governorship race. I telephoned Jide to crosscheck with him if this had anything to do with his own Sanwo-olu. He replied promptly “Yes, emi ni, Egbon, I am running”. It was then I did some additional study and wrote ‘QUOTE ME’.

His campaign theme and delivery has amazed me. It is comprehensive. It is total. It is detailed. It is scientific. It is digital. I have also listened to his interviews on radio and on television. My opinion is that the guy is solid.

But this is a competition in which the technical and tactical strategy may well be ‘if you don’t get the ball, go for the leg’ for some people which is unfortunate if it were a game of soccer. In going for the leg, the desperates (Well, opposition in Lagos has remained the sustained civilian wing of the military that held it down for a long time) do not mind if there is no Lagos tomorrow.

There is yet no reason why Lagos will stray away from being progressive and methinks this guy JIDE SANWO-OLU is the next anchor. Besides, he pairs up with a formidable engineer as running mate.

I have one vote, and I will cast it on Saturday that Lagos may continue to progress.

I wish Lagos well.

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