December 18, 2019

Using Yellow Bush to form a bank for Bachelor’s Button

A beautiful flower to behold

There are a few unique things to say about Bachelor’s Button – a plant I have been investing some time in appreciating as it blossoms. In the first place, mine took far less than 90 days which some literature claims it takes to first bloom. Mine didnt take more than 60 days. Its flowers come live, bright red and beautiful at about 10 am in this dry season and it goes to sleep at about 2pm. At 3pm no traces of bright flowers are seen in its lawn. From my personal observatory, it enjoys plenty of water. Infact I am always tempted to flood it with water both in the morning and in the evening. When it has established, it deals a death knell to weeds which disturbed its growth at infancy. Beautiful stuff that can only be enjoyed by those who come round between 10am and 2pm of a sunny day.

What will happen when the rains come? I’m afraid I can only wait to see before I can tell. Whoever knows can tell us, of course.

December 18, 2019.

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