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Redressing Justice – Punch Editorial

August 23, 2017

“It is wrong and unjust for states to have an entitlement to a share of other people’s efforts rather than a reward for their own efforts. The reality of the present is that Lagos, as a former capital of the country and the economic livewire, deserves special treatment to continue to drive the economy. Many federal institutions and roads exist in the state which should not be abandoned. It is the treatment such as Lagos and the oil producing states of the country are facing today that is fuelling the ongoing campaign for the restructuring of the country. Wealth is not sitting there waiting to be shared; it must be constantly created. There is no way a country mounted on a tripod of injustice can stand; it will surely collapse unless urgent steps are taken to address these obviously dangerous contradictions.” – Excerpted from PUNCH EDITORIAL

If you aren’t read the above, you aren’t read nothing.

It is a recent EDITORIAL written by PUNCH Newspaper. Available at http://punchng.com/redressing-injustice-in-vat-sharing/

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NY 11413
August 23 2017

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