June 29, 2020

‘RIGGING NIGERIA’ is the original title of the interview that I am re-broadcasting on the blog today.
What is said in the interview is BIG INFORMATION. It is however NOT NEW INFORMATION. The unique thing about it is that it is the first time we are hearing it directly from a PARTICIPANT. May the good soul of Mr. Harold Smith rest in the Lord.

The interview is at https://youtu.be/2gSbMescYwc

The first time I read about British contrivance in the pre and post-independence Nigerian politics was in 1973 while I was on youth service and I read Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s account in his ADVENTURES IN POWER series. He mentioned this and several other things which many people never knew. I doubt if those who knew about them still remember those things happened.

My argument all along has always been that regardless of what the British did or did not do, we have the responsibility to have managed ourselves in line with a national vision.



“FATHERLAND INTERVIEW – RIGGING NIGERIA An interview with Harold Smith, an Oxford Graduate, who was recruited by the British Colonial Office and was posted to work in Nigeria.
The interview also features Harold Smith’s wife, Mrs. Carol Smith. It followed an interview of Mr. Smith on the BBC Radio 4, by Mike Thomson, on 30th of July 2007 on a programme entitled “Rigging Nigeria”. A FATHERLAND INTERVIEW – RIGGING NIGERIA. This interview was done at the recording studio of Passion TV in London before Harold Smith’s death on 3rd January 2011. It has never been broadcast until now.

It was initially scheduled to be aired at the “FATHERLAND VISION 2020 CONFERENCE: LOOKING BACK FACING FORWARDS”, which was scheduled for 1 – 3 May 2020, but which was postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic. As our contribution to the Black Lives Matter cause, in the wake of the public murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, we are releasing this recording to tell the story of sinister events that have wasted the lives of millions in the most populous black country on earth.

Harold Smith and his wife Carol sacrificed a lot for Nigerians and the reputation of the British people, and they suffered in consequence. They did not have to take the stand that they did; they could have kept quiet, as many of us do, and focused on enjoying their lives. Many Nigerians say we should stop blaming the British government for Nigeria’s ills. THEY ARE RIGHT because this interview shows that we should instead be giving them credit for the following:
1. Fake census figures
2. Fake elections
3. Fake Independence
4. Fake Constitution
5. Fake Federalism
6. Fake Union

The only way we can show appreciation is to let every NIGERIAN, every AFRICAN and the entire WORLD know Harold Smith’s story, so please be selfless and share this widely.

Fatherland Group (https://fatherlandgroup.org) The Fatherland Group is a global network of forward thinking Nigerians armed with a new understanding of our past, our present and our future.”
Source: YouTube

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