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THE RIGHT TO RESPOND : Ambode’s New Land Charge

March 8, 2018

10 responses (all made within four hours of post on WhatsApp broadcast), representative of several opinions expressed as reaction to WOBBLE, FUMBLE, RUMBLE IN LAGOS are reproduced below:

“As usual, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Gbagaun!!! Awon oni yeye gbaaa.”

“NBA Ikeja Chapter is to sue the so called action governor of Lagos State as a result of the 400% hike in various taxes in the state.”

“I love the simplicity of your story. And your website is cool and enterprising. Our so-called action governor is intoxicated of sycophancy.”

“The revised Land use charge is not good for business. Imagine we paid#89k last year and now charged #600k. Which business can we get 600% profit? There are a lot of issues for public discuss. Can a landlord increase the rent by 600%?”

“Egbon, Lagos na wa now o”

“The only healthy state in Nigeria is falling sick. It will go overseas for treatment very soon”

“600% increase is madness. Who are the architects of this nonsense in Lagos”

“With whom is the Governor seeking to dialogue? Those who ‘trooped to the banks’ to pay?”

For more on reactions on new land use charge

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