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March 28, 2018

After a full week of ping-pong sacking of diplomatic officials on the two major sides, the U.K. government is known to be considering a request from Russia to visit Yulia Skripal, who is recovering in hospital after a nerve agent attack that the British hold Russia responsible for.

That’s according to the BBC, which reported on Saturday that Skripal is conscious and talking under the care of Salisbury District Hospital. Skripal and her father were found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury following the attack in early March, triggering an outcry from Downing Street and other EU governments against Russia. Skripal’s father is a Russian ex-spy, who is still critically ill. He holds British citizenship while his daughter is Russian.

Russia has denied it played any role in the attack. But a host of EU governments have expelled Russian diplomats following the poisoning. Moscow followed suit, expelling EU diplomats in response.

Now Russia is talking of its right to see Yulia Skripal

Stories taken from https://www.politico.eu


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