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Sex, Marks, Grades

October 8, 2019

And all the animalism that links them.

Several tools can be used to solve nasty problems. Technology, legislation, journalism, engineering, advocacy, …… etc. Please mention EDUCATION and RELIGION.

BBC has used JOURNALISM to do a fine job in its “BBC on sex-for-grades” video.

If this does not game-change the obscenity that it hits at, nothing will ever do. Quote me.

Please do not watch if you are prone to being emotional and angry about the animalism in men.

Yes, this is not the first, not even the second, caught-in-the-act story on this matter, but this has a unique professional edge over all earlier efforts.

Many have questioned how exactly the BBC’s effort comes in. A few hang their argument on image of universities and perception of the certificates they award.

The angles to it are endless. To me, image is not one of them as employers will eventually choose those who solve their problems and not the colour of certificates graduates present. There is nowhere in the world where sex predators are nil. How societies respond to it is where the difference is.

Forcing sex on an unwilling little girl is an unpardonable wickedness. A willing one, yes. An adult that can fight her way through, yes. Infact one that takes the stuff to the lecturer in exchange for higher Marks, yes. But a seventeen, eighteen year old whose career is at risk at that age just because another person, supposedly a father of another girl, wants to enjoy himself is beyond pardon for me. I will want that man spend the remainder of his life in jail.

But it is not so regrettably. The law, environment, culture of silence, all conspire to make the victims perpetual loosers.

This BBC’s effort will go far.

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3 thoughts on "Sex, Marks, Grades"

  • My last daughter is a first year undergrad in the University of Lagos and I shiver at the possibility of her having this experience. Unilag Leadership need to do more than “disociate”, especially as this practice has been going on for decades.
    We parents and guardians of Unilag undergrads also need to step-in and demand that the University take serious action, otherwise this( like all other offences) may be swept under the carpet.
    Thank you BBC! at least for now, those “cold room” criminals will keep their zips closed. Even if it is only for fear of another Journalist prey

    Unilag Leadership and Four Square Church, (ironically from the 2 institutions we parents rely on, as partners to educate and instill the right moral values in our children), we are watching for your response to this video.

  • Our educational system requires the enforcement of “emotional intelligence” in all its ramifications. Institutional leaders and parents must know what goes on in our institutions. This nonesense does not pass by us but into us…we must do everything humanly and electronically possible to save our generation.


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