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August 8, 2018

Bydway, I have one huge respect for this woman ever since I stumbled on the fact that she superintends PITAD. Her tweet flashed by a while ago, giving an account on one of her mandates

You know I went through that process and for the first time, I saw a system that is packaged to work. Somehow I saw the imprimatur of one solid guy sitting atop the system. The folks on ground appeared well prepared and equipped. Regardless that they, especially the females, were full of themselves, they carried on like they really never seen things work in their lifes but were set to make a difference.

They gave me a slip at the end of it reassuring that I had gone through a process. My gaad! I was impressed. I’m told that lady is a politician. Surprising if you ask me.

I better say this now so I am not waylaid at the airport after my millions roll in into my account if truly I have not been living in a fool’s paradise.

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