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Short Takes of the Week – August, 2017

August 27, 2017

1. AUGUST 21, 2017

My Dear Citizens,
(…..443 words……)
“Thank you and may God bless our dear Nation.”

Not even of this CABINET?
Haba! SaiBaba!


There is a BRILLIANT document (available on request; 1,304 words) circulating as ‘Text of Press Conference by Southern Leaders Forum on August 23, 2017 @Lagos’.

I wish the authors had called their team ‘Southern ELDERS Forum’ and not ‘Southern LEADERS Forum’ since NOBODY has made ANYBODY Southern Leaders.

I know a few chaps who can write equally brilliant discertation that may run counter to this ACCEPTABLE (Yes acceptable to me) opinion of theirs.

Point is: These folks are elders in their own rights who have solid reasons to be thirsty for RELEVANCE. They were the people who goaded a Past President on as he shared Nigeria’s money ‘yanfunyanfun’ in those days. They looked on as some thugs chose to ‘close down Lagos’ on a Monday morning if nobody was around to sack Prof Jega in the middle of elections.

Check them out. These are fairweather elders (only John Nnia Nwodo is not older than me among the signatories) who buttered their bread with every regime until the coming of PMB. They are carefully chosen from among those who cannot be said to have been convicted for corruption but NONE of them is an ENEMY of CORRUPTION.

These are not the kind of people that can call serious minds to arms of intellectual battle. So I can only appreciate the brilliance of whoever did the essay for endorsement while the struggle continues.

‘Call me A BASTARD’.

Somebody who moved from PDP to ACCORD, by design, has now moved back to PDP, by divine intervention.
Who? How?

4. Wakeup, smoke weed, write, talk.
You know now!

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