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September 9, 2020

“NEWS organisations in Nigeria have to be ashamed of themselves for lacking the ability to truly inform the Nigeria public. All we do is to be a megaphone of government, big businesses and indeed anyone who can pay” – Patrick Dele Cole, Vanguard, September 8, 2020.

Nobody can quarel with PDC on that.
A case in point is the sidonlook reporting of ‘movement’ (or ‘transfer’?) of Nimc to FMCDE.

Nimc is National Identity Management Commission.
FMCDE is Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy.

Such a shame, if you ask me.




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One thought on "Sidonlook Media"

  • Information and/misinformation dissemination in Nigeria has Long become a commodity sold out to the highest bidder. The more you can pay, the louder the noise, the higher the tone, the flexibility and even the coloration


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