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SKYE Bank/POLARIS Bank: A ‘PENTASCOPE’ Abracadabra

September 29, 2018

When things are technical, there is a limit to the kind and quality of questions one is capable of asking. The day I saw Mr Godwin Emefiele, Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, announced on television that Skye Bank had (technically) transformed to Polaris Bank something told me a lot must have been wrong somewhere.

I cannot claim to know much about Skye Bank but I go by what i know about the antecedents of at least one of those who sat atop its Board of Directors in the past. Tell me who such people are, I will tell you what I expect such corporate bodies to be. I do not have to know banking to make my own forecasts, guesses and uninformed conclusions on such matters as in circumstances we have now.

The moment I see Government itself going the ‘pentascopic’ trajectory in the matter of managing the consequences of a failing irritant whithin the financial system, my conclusion is that there is more to see than the eyes can see.

I am just wondering who can provide answers to questions such as why the Corporate Affairs Commission would issue a public notice as meaningless as the one posted on its website on September 24, 2018?


Who can tell me where to read ‘the whole story’ about this story?

Have you read this?

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