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The BAD, The GOOD, the UGLY

March 18, 2021

Do not mind my arrangement especially if you were used to the famous film “ the good, the bad, and the ugly ” by Clint Eastwood & Co.

I am about using three amateur video clips (which all came into my inbox a few hours ago) to tell the story of my environment.

The three clips may be titled:

Two female hirelings of a poultry farm pilfered eggs from their employers stock, hid the eggs in very unusual places and so dexterous in the act that the raw eggs did not break at all stages of arrest and investigation. Please recall, ibori, in his younger days, started off as a ‘common thief’ (to use the words of a UK judge) before relocating to Nigeria to steal roofing sheets in Abuja and eventually made it to governing human beings. So these women are Iboris in embryo, if you ask me.


A young Nigerian who has access to a drone uses it to solve an unexpected problem of locating his stolen laptop.


Angry persons (Nigerian governments would call them miscreants) on both sides of religion-divide stoning themselves in the vicinity of a place of worship. Cause of fracas: hi-ja-ab.


The fourth of course is

An armed mobile policeman stole a telephone set at computer-village market in Ikeja, Lagos. He was arrested by the people and matched away by the people for ‘appropriate’ punishment by the people.


Very strange things that were unimaginable in the past.
I call all of these

And the biggest of them all:
CREATED by Past governments, SUSTAINED by Present Governments, ASPIRING to be Future governments

Is anybody in government listening?

Good morning.

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