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“The D.A.F BOYS”

May 24, 2018

It is a reflection of our collective guilt of social exclusivity that we carry on as if nothing is amiss. Tell me if you know of any indigenous Nigerian community that cares so less as not to rally the whole village to find cure if any child of the land somehow goes completely deranged.
Three not-so-young men who have traversed our political space with growing symptoms of acute abnormality are being regarded as mere comedians of the politician genre.
One, right in the middle of a national discourse, talked about the ladies, especially of a particular tribe, complete with detailed list, that he has ba**ed. Just to prove that he loves that tribe.
Another went to far-away China, arranged a podium at a public square to announce his quarrel with the No 1 citizen of his country. Just to show he is an opposition strongman at home.
Yet another with notoriety for sordid behaviour said he would beat and impregnate a woman right on the floor of the Senate (Yes, that same Senate). I dare ask: At what stage will a human being be considered full blown luna**c? When he descends on a male Senator and ‘impregnates’ him?

From the Observatory of
July 17, 2016.

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