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The “glass cliff” is a NORMAL, not a NEW NORMAL

October 4, 2020

A nice story to read alright but nothing unusual except that it is not often shared widely in my clime.

Besides, this for me, is a story peeped at over the window and I return to my normal.

As a young graduate about five decades ago, part of the nice stories I read quite often was that CEOs of big corporates usually lost their jobs for hate not much for performance. And that things usually reached a head after top players’ parties when words went within the circle about whose face among top ceos was better done away with.

It is a culture that has sustained in many ‘first world’ climes.

Tidjane Thiam’s story is a recent version.

Read full story at

“The Short Tenure and Abrupt Ouster of Banking’s Sole Black C.E.O.”


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