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The LAST MAN’s Prayer

February 9, 2019

May your country not give itself back to its enemies is the concluding statement of Aayiz Baasam’s dissertation in which he postulates that he knows Nigeria more than I do. That is not to say that we were on any specific argument. Just his own manner of ranting.

Aayiz is my Malaysian friend who loves discussing politics more than information and communication technology for which our common passion has sustained good friendship.

Upon investigation, I found the foregoing clip to be one of those in his library. I really could not watch all the 9 minutes long clip but it is certainly a credible document on which to base an opinion. Needless to say Aayiz has read My Watch written by retired General Olusegun Obasanjo more than twice. He quotes profusely from the book only to conclude that the author can only, at best, be a fox for all he said and all he is saying.

I have given Aayiz my opinion on the matter.

He is making a big mistake to think Nigerians do not know their enemies.

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