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Then 5, Now 23

October 18, 2020

#ENDSARS Demands rise from 5 to 23

Amidst information that the Federal Governments has accepted the five demands of #ENDSARS protesters, the youths who are relentless in mounting further protest across the country have raised their demands to twenty-three.

The initial demands were
1. Immediate release of all arrested protesters
2. Justice for all deceased victims of police brutality and appropriate compensations for their families.
3. Setting up an independent body to oversee the investigation and prosecution of all reported police misconduct within a period of 10 days
4. Carrying out psychological evaluation and retaining of all disbanded SARS operatives before they can be redeployed (this should be verified by an independent body).
5. The government should increase police salary and they should be adequately compensated for protecting lives and property of the citizens


While the news ones are:

1. End SARS

2. Sack security chiefs

3. Improve security

4. Full deregulation oil and gas
5. Sector to allow more investments for job creation

6. Immediate passage of PIB (Petroleum Industry Bill)

7. Full deregulation of power sector to allow investment capital flow to generate, transmit and distribute more power and create jobs

8. Should hands off petroleum pricing to enable free market determination of pricing

9. Close our northern borders to stop free entry of fulani herdsmen and bandits

10. Inclusive government for all tribes and regions of Nigeria with 50% youths in charge of governance

11. Allocate more funds to education sector to provide better teaching tools and to pay better salaries to end ASUU strikes

12. Change our academic curriculum to reflect modern day realities

13. All politicians should be placed on minimum wage to attract genuine public servants

14. Migrate to 100% electoral reforms with electronic voting tied to our BVN and GSM

15. Return Nigeria to regional governance structure or restructure the country and embrace true federalism. States autonomy must be paramount.

16. Disband the bi-cameral legislature and adopt uni-cameral

17. Immediately reform Nigeria police force and let every state or region create its own police service

18. No more budget for running private affairs of elected and appointed public servants

19. Enthrone university education as minimum qualification for public office holders at all levels of government from president to local government and ward chairpersons

20. Strip ex-governors and all elected and appointed public servants of all benefits after office.

21. Increase salaries of our doctors, nurses, teachers, police, military officers, and civil servants

22. Government should hands off ownership and management of businesses at all levels.

23. Name and shame looters and make criminal offenders, and looters face trial in their home states and villages to shame them and their families

24. Stop foreign medical trips for public servants. Let them be treated here in Nigeria.

The protesters say these are things the Federal Government must do before they can end the lockdown protests.

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5 thoughts on "Then 5, Now 23"

  • Nos. 4 & 5 is one sentence, nos. 6 & 8 could have been merged to make one number. There will be more demands on on government untill this government is toppled. The whole ideal goes beyond end sars. Unfortunately, government is not reading the hand writing on the wall as occasioned by the agreement reach with ASUU which ASUU has repudiated. I don’t see Universities reopening before first quarter 2021. This is the time to know whether the present government has political surgeons. If it does, the present situation will not snowball to a full fledge revolution. If it does not, the present situation will in the words of J. S. Tarka set a chain of reactions the end of which no one can fortell.

  • Every households must be metered and all outstanding debt on old meter inform estimations should be wipe off for a fresh start as soon as meter is made available


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