March 2, 2019

Yesterday, a retired Air Vice Marshal, Tony Omenyi, was jailed seven years by an Abuja High Court for receiving N162m in bribe when he was in government service in 2014.

I called a neighbour to drop the news, and he said it is probably because the fallen officer is not a friend of the current power wielders. I reminded him that the only two Senators who are now in jail for corrupt enrichment are members of the ruling party. He told me that could not be true. Then I mentioned Mr. Joshua Dariye and Rev Jolly Nyame who are behind bars now. Up till I left him, he had not closed his mouth in surprise, and I saw him sullen and very much shaken.

I was doing nothing but mischief. The point I was making is that his own days were numbered because we know him in the neighbourhood as ‘one of them’.

In recent time as he was campaigning for Atiku (let’s say PDP for want of a more familiar word) and we, Buharideens, for APC., he boasted his (and Atiku’s) money while we boasted our votes. He told us ‘this is Nigeria, we shall match them Naira for naira, dollar for dollar’.

He is the one we call “They are just jailing people now, they are not fighting corruption”.

Our friend has not been around since February 26 when PMB and Prof Yemi Osinbajo collected their certificates of return. End of story.

Whoever has lost hope for Nigeria should please SHIFT.

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3 thoughts on "“They are JUST JAILING PEOPLE, They are NOT FIGHTING CORRUPTION”"

  • Buhari must do more to convince Nigerians that APC government are not corrupt. We are very close to the grass root people. The ten thousand transfer money is not the issues.
    PBM said yesterday on TV that we are going to have tough time in his coming back for another 4 years. Well if God is a Fulani that will be so.

  • Am sure you listened to his statement but the only thing you could understand is the word ‘Tough’….if you paid attention to details you would understand he didn’t meant economically tough but tough in the sense that no matter what happens they must work hard and not forget the cardinal Agenda which was a major highlights for their campaign…and am sure APC knows even more that they will have to work hard to get more support from Nigerians, don’t also forget that Ten thousand naira transfer money wasn’t the only achievement from last Four years… constructive criticism is Key
    Mr fellow Nigerian.


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