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Thumbs Up for Bashir Dodo, Award winning Nigerian Doctoral Student

February 19, 2018

Bashir Dodo’s major contribution to the scientific technique of separating the retina into seven individual layers, thus improving the accuracy and speed of diagnosis, and help save the sight of patients by identifying damage earlier has been widely reported and the news widely shared in his native Nigeria. Bashir, 29, is a doctoral student at Brunel University’s Computer science department and he has claim to a record of sustained work on support for ophthalmologists.
Bashir’s new technique automatically segments images of the retina, allowing specialists to spot abnormalities quicker and better track the progress of medication.
The good news about his work is that unlike in the past when feats especially in science and technology did not move Nigerians enough to share the information widely, things are looking up as not only are news media re-using the story, individuals are making it a subject of wide sharing.
TVC which recently broadcast a live interview with the Award winner got Bashir to confirm that his work has global appeal.
Please listen to the interview by TVC.

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