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June 28, 2018

Amateur video account of a petrol tanker that lost control, fell, and caught fire on the Otedola Estate bridge near Berger interchange in Lagos.

The result was monumental tragedy as many vehicles were burnt and lives were lost.

May the Almighty condole bereaved families. June 28, 2018.

Moments before the tragedy, an amateur capture of the event is given at >>>>>

Time of crash :1730hrs
Time of Response :1740hrs
Report time :10minutes
Route :LA/IB(Otedola,outward Lagos
No. of pple invl:
No. Killed 9 as the time of filling the report
No of vehicles involved :54(1 tanker, 5 buses, 2 trucks, 1 tricycle, 45 cars
No. Injured : 4
Reg no:not acertain as all the vehicles are burnt
Nature :Multiple
Type :Fatal
Causes :break failure from laden fuel tanker
Action Taken :Joint rescue operation involving FRSC, Lasema, NPF, RRS, NSCDC, Lagos State Fire service, LASTMA

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