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June 13, 2018

Now, may it be so advised
That Tortoise is back to the land

If you recall, tortoise said
It would not return to base
Until it was fully DISGRACED
Now that it has been thouroughly DISGRACED
It (Tortoise) is finally back to base

While it was away,
Tortoise mobilised forces of evil
Including of all the EVIL GENIUSES
To stop the big hand of the clock
From rolling to DEMOCRACY DAY
With genuises on WHEELCHAIR
And tortoise in FOREIGN LAND
And others in various scamper
DEMOCRACY DAY has come to stay

Please wait, just wait
After the initial WOLF-CRYING
To which we said
Tortoise has no KIDNAP VALUE
Time does not validate INJUSTICE
It only bakes explosives
Of complaints, grudges and protests
Tortoise, I pledge, WILL SOON TALK AGAIN.

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