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TREASURY LOOTERS: Two Go Down in The Red Chamber.

June 13, 2018

In spite of all the shenanigans of evil forces that make Nigeria go zig-zag, the arms of the law are still very long.

After Senator Nyame, a jolly jolly reverend whose first name is also Jolly, Senator Joshua Dariye, the guy who jumped bail in the UK several years ago and who, in spite of all that we knew of him, still ‘won’ an election to ‘go make laws’ for the country, finally went down yesterday.

As the June 12 warriors were celebrating accross the country, Dariye was wiping tears of pain as he was jailed 14 years +2 years + 2 years plus another 2 years, all amounting to going to spend 14 years behind bars. He was convicted for criminal breach of trust and appropriation of the state’s funds running to over N2bn.

That was something to celebrate if pinning down looters of our treasury to deserving penalties is a desire come true and one we should jubilate over.

Forget about those who will remind you that the Bible and the Quran frown at renjoicing at the downfall of others. Tell them churches and mosques are more than hospitals and schools in our clime and yet the moral health of our polity is worse than garbage.

Only two Senators, to repeat for ease of reference, have fallen in a chamber that we refer to as a den of looters. And more are to come insha Allah and IJMN. And when you say that, some wailers would ask you not to desecrate that Institution. Tell them they are hypocrites who may not even take notice that the two convicts are APC members.

As we speak, President Muhammadu Buhari is, about now, studying the report of the Special Presidential Investigation Panel (SPIP) for the Recovery of Public Property which has recovered huge sums of money from companies in which several persons, many of who are today hiding in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly, have interest.

For example, The SPIP has recovered seven million dollars (N2.1 billion) illegally kept in Heritage Bank. And you should know what that means in the context of wailers’ charges that APC members are unduly protected by antigraft agencies.

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