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August 29, 2018

“Nigeria could be said to have entered the tech startup scene fairly late, definitely behind the likes of South Africa, Kenya and Egypt. Yet this changed when the mobile phone revolution happened in the first decade of the new millennium and it became clear that digital services are a supplier of many direct and indirect jobs that also solve pressing needs. What Nigeria might have lost in coming late, it has definitely gained in the pace with which the local startup ecosystem has grown over the past five years.” – by Omobola Johnson, a former Minister of Communication Technology, in her opening paragraph of VC4A LAUNCHING NIGERIA STARTUP ECOSYSTEM REPORT: A STARTUP ECOSYSTEM ON THE MOVE

VC4A Venture Finance in Africa research

For the fifth consecutive year VC4A has produced annual research and analysis to improve the understanding of Africa’s startup movement. For the 2018 research cycle, with the support of the Mastercard Foundation, VC4A publishes a pan-African study including 6 country specific deep dives. VC4A conducts this research to share the progress of the VC4A network and to help document the journey of the African startup community at large. Last year the research looked at different factors that determine venture success. The 2018 effort looks at how startup ecosystems add value to successful venture creation. Based on inputs from local expert Omobola Johnson and face-to-face interviews we aim to answer the following research question: ‘How does the Nigeria startup ecosystem add value?’

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