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We must hold our President responsible for this

June 27, 2018

The accompanying video interview is one of the perspective analyses of the trending masacre in the land.

The issues in contention have made ‘half of a story’ to be inadequate to use as ‘the story’. The full stretch of that interview is needed to make good sense of it for intelligent interogation before conclusion.

Those who have mindsets on the main issues are probably going free selling dummies just as some others are going free talking nonesense without check. That missing check has now become the real issue.

And because many of us cannot read while many of those who can read do not read, opinions are based on any latest half stories. That is to say in a milleu of senselessness every thing seems to make sense, especially in these social media times.

We should hold our President, not any historical rationalisation, singularly responsible for this. Tragedy cannot be more than this.

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