June 29, 2018

NEWS – “The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) told the Federal High Court in Lagos on Monday that former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Jumoke Akinjide, returned N650million she allegedly received ahead of the 2015 election” – June 26, 2018.

Though not unprecedented, returning looted money to safe one’s skin is big news. At least it shows that some Senior Advocates have reformed. In the past the case would remain in court for eternity. That is ‘change’ of a kind.

Secondly, i have always thought that the cost of seeking and getting into elective office makes our system permit for senseless stealing when one eventually gets elected. But appointive positions do not cost that much to get. Do they?

The one that worries me stiff is the case of a few priviledged chaps whose progenitors lived large on Nigeria’s wealth; who got appointed to positions which gave them opportunity to serve and to change the ugly system we found ourselves. These chaps went to the best schools money can buy and got privileges always on platters of gold. Yet when it comes to mindless looting, they cannot say “No, I will not be part of this”.

When you review the totality of this fellow’s case, you are tempted to ask ‘Do they teach looting at Harvard?’

N650million is huge money for God’s sake!

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