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May 22, 2019

“Some time ago in Nigeria, a minister deemed it fit that history be removed from the syllabus, I was shocked. Those who expunge such a discipline from our schools deserve to be expunged from history altogether.” – Prof Wole Soyinka, May 23, 2019.

Indeed! Implementation should, however, begin by broadcasting the name of the minister so that history itself can record what we want to expunge from it.


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4 thoughts on "WHO DONE IT?"

  • History cannot die, as long as the Lord lives. I was shocked too when I heard that history has been removed from school curriculum.

  • I agree with Engr. Titi and WS. Now history lessons will include the name of the person who committed such a crime, which sought to deprive coming generations of such knowledge . Of course, history can never be kind to such a person…

  • I think we should do proper investigation to find out who proposed the abolition of history in schools and the people who sanctioned the motion. They need to be all named so that such people should never come near governance ever again.


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