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Who is listening to Jeffery Sachs?

August 16, 2021

Or better still, to whom is the reknown professor talking as he makes the case for G-21 to include African Union?
Jeffrey D Sachs’ Voice


“This year, the G-20 is in the highly capable hands of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Italy can use its presidency to leave a lasting legacy. By inviting the AU to join the upcoming summit in Rome in late October, it could make a significant contribution to building a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable world” – Prof Jeffrey Sachs

“The Group of Twenty has become a pillar of multilateralism. Although the world has many high-level talk shops, the G-20 represents the best kind, actively supporting global dialogue, debate and — most importantly — economic problem solving. Fortunately, its biggest limitation — that it leaves out 96 percent of Africa’s population — can be easily remedied by including the African Union.” – Prof Jeffrey Sachs

“To be sure, since the early post-World War II era, multilateralism has worked mainly through the United Nations system. With 193 member states, the UN offers the singular, indispensable venue for creating and implementing international law. Though the UN is frequently undermined by the unilateralism of the United States and other major powers, it remains essential for global survival. At around $3 billion per year, its paltry core budget is perhaps one-tenth what it should be, and it is chronically underfunded. Still, it manages to make enormous and indispensable contributions to peace, human rights and sustainable development.” – Prof Jeffery Sachs

“But the G-20, too, has come to fill a critical role. Representing the world’s 20 largest economies, it enables more flexible and quicker problem solving. When the UN grants each of its members 10 minutes to speak on an issue, the remarks take 32 hours; when the G-20 goes around the table, it takes just over three. And while the G-20’s decisions do not have the force of international law, they can and do support corresponding UN processes, such as on climate change and development finance.” – Prof Jeffrey Sachs

My worry is whether or not Africa is ready with a wish or a wish list.

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One thought on "Who is listening to Jeffery Sachs?"

  • In my own view Pro Jeffery Sachs is on point.
    His address & submission make a lot of sense


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