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April 3, 2018

“I live in the Lekki area of Lagos, and in my community, there are at least 50 really nice churches, but there’s no adult literacy center, no homeless shelter and very few public schools and hospitals. Many of these spaces could be utilized for social change. Imagine if every single church in Lekki opened its doors to the homeless at night, gave them a sleeping bag, a warm meal and a voucher in the morning to learn a vocational course, offered by the unemployed youth who attend that church. That would demonstrate what we preach and what we speak about as people of faith, and what led me to Christianity in the first place….” – Ndidi Nwuneli on TEDTalk.

Yes Ndidi, but that will not constitute business which led some to ‘christianity'(their own christianity i.e.) in the first place.


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