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Where will two weeks of talk take US and the Internet to?

December 6, 2012

There is no human being who does not love the Internet. That is because the internet does not discriminate in the sense that it works for all except for communities or countries that do not invest in it.


But come to think of it, governments are not human beings. We know many governments that do not love the internet. It’s all about their temperament to issues of civil liberty, corruption, crime and criminality and what they wish of social media, a creation of the internet, which is taunting societies, sometimes to the discomfort of many governments.


In fact when you mention names like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan you are regarded to be writing an equation which is easy to define. On the other side are US, Canada, France, and the European Union.


Just about now, a jaw-jaw is going on in Dubai (Why Dubai of all places!) under the auspices of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and set to pitch those two groups against themselves discussing about the next level in internet governance. But why ITU?To the extent that the hosts are international civil servants who represent governments one way or the other, we may expect more of diplomatic rhetoric than anything.


Where will emerging economies place in all of these and how are they represented is an issue we shall concern ourselves with as we watch the next two weeks of World Conference on International Telecommunications  or WCIT.


Even the description of the assembly is rhetoric of a kind as it does not say anything about its mission.

December 6, 2012

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